About Us

Our Mission:

To make beautiful, handcrafted jewelry art that serves the world for good. Every process from the handcrafted artistry to customer delivery is intentionally designed to help us achieve our mission. Ultimately our goal is to be a source of hope, inspiration, education, training and economic opportunity for women and girls throughout the world.  We envision those we serve, whether making or purchasing our products, loving and living well by standing on their faith and their feet as they endeavor to reach their personal goals, whether it's to pursue an education, increased income for their homes, to start a business or a part time venture.  

This is a lofty mission to be sure, but with like minded women who join alongside us it is changing the lives of women, their families and those in their circle of influence.

    How We Achieve Our Mission:

    • By hosting private workshops, seminars and training that help build life and business skills; and by providing an economic opportunity through the distribution of our quality handcrafted and unique products that serve as a basis for generating income, building a business, or pursuing a part time venture.

    Who We Serve:

    • Women of all ages and backgrounds who want an opportunity to utilize their inherent skills and gifts and are looking for an opportunity that is truly special and unique.
    • We have select opportunities for economically disadvantaged women, single mothers and dedicated, committed women currently making a difference in their families and communities. For information on becoming a select member, send an e-mail to info@areign.com 

     To become an Ambassador or find out more, contact us at: info@areign.com.